A dj from Lisbon who moved to Braga. Since 2009, he has wanted to get people both known and unknown to dance, and the only thing that drives him to do so is the long hours a day he spends discovering new music and combining that with reading the dance floor. His sets stand out for an eclecticism that has its main bases in House and Techno. From there, without compromise, it expands both to ethereal paths and/or to pulsating and direct beats, with the sole intention of shaking whoever is in front of him. In his short and humble journey, he had the opportunity to play in places such as Gare, MusicBox, Theatro Circo Club, Armazém do Chá, Plano B, Feito Conceito, Juno Café, Espaço Quatorze, TripArt Bar and many more. Living in Braga since November 2012, he organized sessions at Espaço Quatorze, the Terzi Takeover, where he has already taken several artists that he thinks are of value in the national panorama. Apart from all this, he still tries to keep up with Sebastião Mascarenhas in the progress of Extended Records, a Lisbon label that had its strong year in 2013.