DIOGO would be a terrible alias if he was looking to hide behind a name, but no. Born in June 1988, Diogo Vasconcelos started by studying architecture, but he always knew that it was in music that he easily managed to combine comfort with pleasure. His first forays into the world of DJing took place in 2011 until he joined the Extended Records team in 2016. He grew up listening to black (jazz, soul, funk and afrobeat) and Brazilian music, but it was in the more direct music and for the dancefloor that he found the warmth and individuality he was looking for. If there are two things that can characterize Diogo as a Dj, it is a huge musical curiosity, both for the novelty and for the knowledge of the history, and a desire to keep the mixture anchored to his base elements, the records. Having traveled from Electro to Techno and with several forays into Jungle , UK Funky, Garage, Hard Drums and Dubstep, it is between Breakbeat and Bass Music that he finds his home. His sets are usually marked by breaks, broken beats and lots of energy in a celebratory vibe. In 2019 he started editing music on his own in labeks such as Rave Tuga and Infinita and also signing some remixes. December 2019 is marked by the physical edition of “Roçadas” the EP he produced in collaboration with Moreno Ácido, which had a limited edition to 300 copies by Holuzam. 2021 was a busy year for Diogo, editing his first EP on Extended Records, Ruff Trax, several remixes and a tape, Sempre Para Diante, with limited edition by Rave Tuga. 2022 is marked by his passage through Sonar Lisboa Festival, and by his first solo vinyl release, Finalmente! out through Discos Extendes. In the end, styles apart, what matters is the dance floor and what it asks for, and that translates into unpretentious sets with the pure aim of entertaining and triggering in everyone a contagious desire to dance.

Diogo is also the founder and current Director of the only Portuguese printed magazine, about electronic music and national club culture, PISTA! and he is currently pursuing a PhD in Media Arts at Lusófona University, looking into the productive role of chance and contingency in the process of creating electronic music.