Created in September 2011 in the sunny city of Lisbon, Extended Records is an independent music label managed by DIOGO VASCONCELOS (aka Diogo), GONÇALO NETO (aka Terzi), JOAO FREDERICO (aka Smuggla or Conhecido João) and SEBASTIÃO PINTO (aka Lieben, Pagão or Dj Shperma). Privileging Portuguese talent, it seeks to release less conventional dance music with the daring and irreverence characterizes them.

Without looking at styles or guidelines, it’s with a mixture of strangeness, good mood and a little bit of craziness that all of it is done!

In the end, what drives them is simply the strength of the admiration and trust they nurture and place on themselves and in the artists they bet on, always based on a certain naive impulsiveness commanded by the vibe and the enthusiasm of keep releasing music that is always fresh and always contagious.


Demos and Feedback

At Extended Records and Discos Extendes we are always willing to scout for some fresh music. Don’t be shy and send us your stuff! It may take a while but eventually we will reply! 👀

Send your stuff to: discosextendes@gmail.com

bookings and Events

We can perform at your club or corporate event!
Select from a variety of Discos Extendes; we are pleased to give recommendations on live performances, DJ, visuals and design (for a full list, please get in touch). Club Nights, Birthday Parties, Shop Openings, and other events have previously taken place. No restrictions!

Mailing Address

Rua Lopes 54 1º Dto
1900-300 Lisboa